UAE- Must have destination in your travel bucket list

People who visit UAE are amused by the marvelous architectural wonders in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But surely one cannot just rule out the natural beauty of a place

Travelers are also amazed by the massive deserts and one of the best ways to experience the desert is by doing a desert safari. It has always been the most popular activities offered in UAE and it gives a gut-wrenching ride. Tourists along with desert safari can also enjoy camel rides, barbeque feast and belly dance performances.

Like any other country, you need to have a visa to visit UAE. Different visit visa types for UAE are available like long term visit visas, short term visit visas, tourist visas, multiple entry visas and transit visas. Short term visa gives a permit to stay in UAE for 30 days and the long term visa gives permit for 90 days of stay. For a tourist visa for UAE from India, short/long term, you require the followings:

  • The usual regulation remains very much the same. Li



    ke many other countries, the clear scanned copy of passport is required; it should have the validity of minimum six months from the expected date of return.
  • Two passport sized photographs are needed to be attached against the white background. You need to keep in mind that the photograph should not be too old and should not appear to be very different from your actual self.

Dubai Attractions

There is no shortage of things to do in Dubai. It is the biggest & most popular tourist destination in UAE that has created an edge for itself in tourism. Most visitors who travel to UAE land up at the Dubai International Airport as Dubai is the city, filled with tourist attractions to a great extent. Incredible hotels, exotic beaches and spectacular shopping options, Dubai has it all.

Architectural marvels like Burj Al Arab and the Burj Khalifa are one of the popular landmarks and tourist destinations in Dubai. Other popular tourist attractions that amuse visitors with their uniqueness are the Dubai Museum, Grand Mosque, and Wild Wadi Waterpark, etc.

Tax free Shopping is another big attraction for people visiting Dubai with plenty of malls and local souks.

Abu Dhabi Attractions

Abu Dhabi is same as Dubai in terms of tourism but definitely not in terms of tourist attractions! There are number of tourist places in Abu Dhabi that are just as amazing and alluring. Heritage Village is one of the most popular city attractions and offers an experience of the lives and lifestyles of Bedouin people. Other Abu Dhabi attractions are the Khalifa Park Museum, Sheikh Zayed Mosque and The Corniche.

From city delights to small town charms, UAE is an amazing blend of Culture, modern Structures & fashion. Large numbers of people around the globe apply for UAE travel E-visa because UAE is one of the most remarkable holiday destinations.

In recent years, Dubai has also turned out to be favorite destinations for Indians to travel abroad, so if you need assistance for your Visa to Dubai from India, you can visit our official website.