Here’s what you need to know about USA Tourist Visa

Before entering into another country you need to make sure that you are travelling legally by obtaining proper visa for that country. There are certain visa requirements that need to be followed in order to obtain a visa successfully, but there is an organized process to obtain one.


There are mainly three types of visas that a person can apply to enter the United States.

  1. One is called the visitation visa. This type of visa gives the permission to stay in the United States for a limited time regardless of the purpose of visit. Like if someone wants to visit USA for leisure, they will have to apply for Tourist Visa for USA
  2. A person may decide to apply for a student visa if they want to enter into the United States for education.
  3. Another visa that can be obtained is the non-immigrant work visa that allows a person to visit the United States to work for a registered employer.


 Visa is important to visit USA in order to protect the United States, because it prevents an illegal immigrant to enter into the United States. If something is missing in the application then it will be delayed until the information can be obtained and then resubmitted, this process can take twice as long. The visa process for USA is not simple and it is time consuming but you can make it work in your favor if you follow proper rules.

In order to apply for a visa, your Visa application for USA should be carefully completed and reached to your nearest USA embassy. You will also need to visit embassy for a personal interview before your visa can be issued. It's important to be prepared for your interview. These visa requirements are necessary to successfully stay in the USA, usually considered as the land of opportunities.